Safe Routes to School/Bike and Walk to School Days

Every school year in the fall and spring, Bike Coconut Grove has worked with local schools and PTAs to organize Safe Routes to School events and Bike and Walk to School Days.  

To date, nine public and private schools in Coconut Grove have regularly participated. At two of the schools, we counted cars passing the school on the day of the event, and we saw reductions in the number of cars of 10% and more.

To involve the wider community in Bike/Walk to School Day, we have partnered with the BikeSafe/WalkSafe program at the University of Miami Medical School, the City of Miami Police Department, the GroveConnect initiative, and the Coconut Grove Business Improvement District. For more information or to help with organizing, please send an email to The map below shows the bike train routes and the locations of police officers for our May 2023 event.